Sunday, January 07, 2007

These Potatoes Are So Creamy

As Critter has grown into our family, our holiday traditions have also expanded. One of them is to watch "While You Were Sleeping," one of my favorite romantic movies which occurs over Christmas. Another is all the eating and partying...

We had our first party celebrating the Jedi Racoon's birthday. Even Lumpy joined the festivities.

We had fun playing. CrafterKat picked up Jedi tips from the Master himself.

And Critter got some toddler time with her newest cousin.

We debated the Seven Wonders of the World.

And played lots of card games.

But the tradition which I didn't think would happen, has. Last year, on Christmas Eve, Critter left a note. This year, I made sure to do it right. I made pumpkin cookies; she set up the tray with carrots and left a new note.* And Santa was one happy elf.

* The note reads:
Dear Santa,
Hope you like the cookies! They're pumpkin and JewelGeek made them special. They taste really good with milk so I put that out too! Please give the extra long carrot to Rudolph. Say hi to Comet for me as well as Chet!