Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Skeleton In The Closet

Found this while cleaning out the closet at work. I think it's from a computer I had about three years ago. The Evil PXE and I laughed for quite awhile...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Overheard And OPB

Turn Off The Bubble Machine

Critter, watching The Lawrence Welk Show: Is this like old-time Dancing With The Stars?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sorry, Charlie!

Our annual Craft Party approaches. I took today off to run errands and bake cookies. CrafterKat took Critter to the grocery store to grab things for dinner--the kitchen was finally mine. The house was quiet--kitties slept in various comfy spots throughout the house--and I finally had all of my ingredients together. I began mixing a batch of cookies and chuckled to myself. How softly can I open this?

It never fails... An open can can mean only one thing.


She doesn't seem to believe me when I tell her it's pumpkin....

Monsters Must Lead Such Interesting Lives

I was just telling my girlfriend the other day, "Monsters must lead such interesting lives!"
~Bugs Bunny

And the same is true for our Pretty Boy. A sudden rain shower combined with a Flower Child, free-lovin' 60's stance on grooming, Pretty Boy had developed some matted fur which we could not get out.

I called the grooming salon inside the local Pet Smart and was told that they could do it provided he wasn't too nasty (temperment? mats? I wasn't sure...), was current on his rabies shot, and we could allocate three hours for the unpleasant task.

He had his nails trimmed, the mats combed out (we were afraid they'd need to be shaved off), and even got a shampoo!

He even survived the hair drying process (mostly). We've got our happy boy back now and the groomer sustained only a minor scratch. Sounds like they'd be happy to see him again, especially since his groomer suggested, "He'd look real cute with a lion's cut..."

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Overheard At Home

CrafterKat and I both read some of the Overheard sites. If you've never been, they can be quite... well, not always safe for work, let's say... The original one (I believe) is Overheard in New York because, let's face it, New Yorkers are a bit peculiar in their speech... This one site has spawned many, many more. From colleges across America to Overheard in the Office to even a Rose City site.

We're thinking we need our own site for those one line zingers that leave us chuckling for days. And so, without further ado, we bring you two Overheard at Home:

Just Give It To Me Straight

Critter, finishing up her cat care duties: Poop is heavy.

Another Spot The Sun Don't Shine

Critter, in response to "Do you have your homework?": Yeah, it's in my butt pocket.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bored Now

We encourage Critter to find non-electronic forms of entertainment whenever possible. Most of the time she just complains about the TV and computer being off limits. Sometimes she surprises us...

Boredom makes the time go stranger...

May the Road Rise to Meet You

I made this for Daisy, my friend and coworker. She’s embarking on a new life-adventure with her boyfriend, and leaving in just a few days. The only way I could think to express what an influence she has been on me in the short time she’s been here was to make her a quilt. One of her favorite colors is orange, and her favorite flower is a daisy, so I named the quilt "Tangerine Daisy." I hope this says it all. Farewell, Daisy. I’ll miss you.
Quilt in progress.

Front Back

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On The Map, Next To State Of Confusion

At work my techie coworkers and I have developed a timeline for the campus to move forward with different computer updates. Last summer we updated all school computers to using Internet Explorer 7. Summer of 2008 will see us moving to Office 2007. In January of 2009 we'll begin installing Windows Vista. For now, we are in a holding pattern--running Windows XP updates and keeping our fingers crossed.

Which brings us to Random Work Conversation #34 (after turning on a setting which we thought had turned off over the summer).

Evil PXE to Web Programmer: Hey, the script didn't run.

Web Programmer (who I promise I'll name at some point...): It didn't?

Evil PXE, supressing a chuckle and adopting a stern voice: Damn JewelGeek and her updates! It's put the computers in a state of unworkency!