Sunday, January 14, 2007

I Groc My Geek

I had to take over the computer... JewelGeek wasn't telling the story right. When I got to "CrafterKat pushed me aside..." I knew I needed to intervene.

The reality was, JewelGeek's blood pressure was rising, and I could feel it across the room. Even over my LEGO Star Wars II computer game. And I was flying through a sea of TIE fighters. And I kept scattering my LEGO coins all over the universe because I was getting hit. But I digress...

So I asked JewelGeek if she wanted me to give it a try. [Yes.] And I asked her to put all the plugs for the in/out of the various stereo components back where they started. [Um, yeah...] And then I asked her where the manual was. It had been hidden on top of one of the stereo components since my last recording foray months and months ago. [I think it's on the dining room table...]

I read the manual. I looked at the back of the stereo at the net of white & red plugs. I read the manual. I looked at the plugs. I started the album. I didn't get any levels. I moved some plugs around, started the album. Sigh. Pause. Move plugs. Start the album. No levels. Repeat. Somewhere in there, JewelGeek began to offer some exasperated words of wisdom, and I told her to have a cow elsewhere.

In the end, I figured out the in/out plugs of the CD Recorder machine was backwards. Robin Leech's voice finally came through the speakers AND produced levels on the CD Recorder. Woo-hoo me! I out-geeked the Geek!

And for the next two hours, I went through a TimeWarp listening to albums from my teen years as JewelGeek recorded them for posterity. Oh, and I was kicking some serious Imperial Robutt, too. At about 11:30pm last night, I made True Jedi on Chapter 3 or 4 (I can't remember) of Episode VI, and could finally go to bed.

WEIRD dreams ensued... little LEGO Stormtroopers and Pig Guards rockin' out to INXS, and millions of LEGO coins jingling in space...