Thursday, January 11, 2007

Not Exactly a Keats Day

When I was little, one of my favorite books was The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. The pictures are charming but I always liked the concept of that much snow! Enough that it was piled as high as the traffic lights, that you could build a fort big enough that it would protect you from a barrage of snowballs, or that you could actually (gasp!) slide down a mountain of it.

It snowed in the Rose City today, blanketing the area in... powdered sugar. Barely. For about 30 minutes. No huge drifts that I once dreamt about, nor even the inches to make a decent snowball.

One radio announcer up here explained the snow ritual his daughter learned in school:

Step 1: Gather the family and have each member cut up a paper snowflake. Write down three snow phrases on the completed flake (e.g. "I love snow. Snow is great! I like snowflakes."

Step 2: Each family member must get their pajama bottoms, turn them inside out, and wear them to bed in that fashion.

Step 3: Each family member takes an ice cube and flushes it down the toilet, stating that they wish it to snow.

Step 4: Take the paper snowflake, tuck it under your pillow, and dream of snow.

I think it obvious that not enough people took part in the snow ritual...


Polly P said...

I loved Keats, too! The kids' book Keats, by the way, and not the tragically short-lived Romantic poet kind. My sister just passed off to me our childhood books, which she'd had for her boys. I'm hoping against hope that this one's among them.

Also I'm hoping against hope that no one down around here in the Bay Area reads the snow ritual thing. Brrrrrr! But best snowy wishes to you!