Friday, January 19, 2007

The Island of Misfit Decorations

It's time to say goodbye to our Christmas friends, our snowflake placemats and dishes, our gingerbread kitchen gadgets, and assorted Santa-capped stuffies. I'll miss Hermie watching over popcorn popping.

And having abominable sized help doing dishes.

We piled all the ornaments on the table and found the matching boxes to store them in.

Then there was this stash. The Little Man's haul this year--all the ornaments he pulled off the tree during the season and kept.


CrafterKat said...

Usually, I wait to de-Chrismasfy the house until Valentine's Day. I couldn't do it this year. The house felt cluttered. Christmas was just 1 long family visit and the flu. It was time to move on and start dreaming of spring.