Monday, February 13, 2006

From the Middle of a Great Big Empty

This week we are finally having the asbestos-laden popcorn ceiling in our living room and dining room removed. This is the pre-cursor step to having some remodeling done in the house. CrafterKat has received bids for replacing the gas fireplace (with one that actually works!) and a new deck on the back porch (where people won’t fall through!).

We’ve spent the week removing bits and pieces from the living room and even after taking two loads to the Salvation Army, it was hard to see a dent. Fortunately, we had help from CrafterKat’s father, Mr. GoGoGo, and her brother, the Renaissance Man, to move the larger furniture pieces and the BBQ from the back porch.

Our two main bedrooms are now full with furniture, knickknacks, papers to be filed, books, DVD’s, and assorted kitty toys. The cats are having a field day. King James has rediscovered his teal mouse and an extra long twist tie. Doofie enjoys perching on the sofa which we upended by the linen closet.

CrafterKat and I throw MASH quotes at each other—our living room now echoes like Colonel Blake’s office in “Crisis” after the 4077 burns everything in site, including the CO’s desk, to keep warm.

Asbestos removal is Tuesday and Wednesday; we head to the coast on Friday night to relax. We found some house rentals in Bella Beach with rates comparable to a nice room in a hotel. Critter is bringing a girlfriend from up the street. CrafterKat and I are bringing DVD’s and a hearty appetite. After all, we will be minutes away from clam chowder, caramel corn, and those little raspberry and blackberry candies I adore.

Here’s hoping your President’s Weekend is enjoyable, too!