Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Asbestos, Hugs and Yucks

For Valentine’s Day I gave CrafterKat an asbestos-free living room. I think it is far more romantic than a circular saw.

We locked the cats in two bedrooms and the team of men plastered our walls with two layers of plastic to contain the asbestos which they shaved off the ceiling. By noon the room was completely bare, only the first layer of plastic remained with a fierce warning:

Made me shiver every time I came upstairs to check on the progress.

That evening, CrafterKat was craving a good steak. We took Critter with us to High Rocks Steakery & Pub. I’m uncertain what exactly makes a restaurant a steakery, as Websters has never heard of that word before (though it did suggest that perhaps we meant stalkier or stickler). We learned that their two-for-one Tuesday steak night does not apply on Valentine’s Day. Nonetheless, we both had an excellent filet mignon and exchanged Rebus word puzzles on our placemats. Critter had quite a few that CrafterKat and I did not know.

At the end of the night we exchanged Hugs and a few Yucks (Critter’s middle school translation of the Hugs and Kisses conversation hearts).