Saturday, January 28, 2006

Unintentionally Funny

Queen Matriarch has short term memory issues and horrible eyesight. It is an insanely cruel combination. On the rare moments she does remember that her memory is faulty, she can't see well enough to write herself a note about what she must remember. And she can't see her note to know there is something written on it.

On occasion, this has created unintentional and very funny situations. For example, a few minutes ago, Queen Matriarch came upstairs carrying one of our cordless phones. Mr. GoGoGo knew immediately what had happened and promptly told her "That's the phone. You'll never get the TV to work with that."

"Well, that's why I came upstairs," she said. "I need help finding the remote."

So off they both went back downstairs. As they reached the landing, Queen Matriarch said "I knew when it said to dial again that something wasn't right."

La-La and I roared. Poor Queen Matriarch. She wasn't sure why that was funny. And it was all Mr. GoGoGo could do to keep a straight face.