Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Happiest Place on Earth

Since returning from vacation in November, we’ve had to remember that some things in the Rose City aren’t the same as they were in Disneyland (or Din-nee-nand as CrafterKat and I often call it).

1. Rockets don’t use the carpool lane.

2. Ask first before being photographed with a Sith Lord.
3. Buzz Lightyear will not ask for our assistance battling evil. I shouldn’t expect to see a score on my car dashboard when I get home from work.
4. I do not get to be chauffeured by Critter in the family car.
5. We will not be dining with royalty.
6. We can’t drive Mr. Toad’s car on the Sunset.
7. The Catapult of Doom should be used by only experienced Muppets.
8. Be careful of what you feed the Chipmunks.
9. Get a second opinion before having Minnie design your living room. Disney furniture isn’t as comfortable as it looks..
10. Watch where you walk. There may be a rhinoceros behind you.