Monday, February 12, 2007

Traffic is thicker than a cloud of meteors today

Random Family Conversation #36

JewelGeek: I took the videos back to the store this morning on my way to work.

CrafterKat: You mean the DVDs?

JewelGeek: Yes, the DVDs. We'll have flying cars someday and I'll still call them videos.

CrafterKat: And you'll still say LPs for music.

JewelGeek: Or records. I'll say I just downloaded that new record today... It'll totally embarrass Critter.

CrafterKat (sighing, like Critter): Mom, that's so nineteenth century!

Critter: No! I'll be like, "That's so twenty-first century!"

CrafterKat: Honey, you won't live that long.

Critter: I'm totally going to live until we have flying cars!


CrafterKat said...

Does anyone understand JewelGeek's titles??