Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eau de Dr. Scholls

Random Family Conversation #38

Critter and I went to the mall last night to get a few things. I hadn't been in awhile and found that the mall parking lot is quite torn up and our usual parking area inaccessible. We parked near Macy's and trekked past the men's clothing and pungent perfume counters to get inside. Still recovering from my cold, my throat closed up immediately and I coughed for ten minutes afterwards. The next two hours were spent circling the mall shops, eating pretzels, and discussing who was Hot (The Fall Out Boys and someone named Sage). We marched our way back to Macy's and the car.

"Let's go down the other aisle this time. Maybe it won't be so stinky," I told Critter. We stepped into the department store and strolled past the junior clothes, gasping slightly at the perfume counters on our left. A haze of lavender / cherry blossom / vanilla / orchid / musk / cologne / perfume enveloped us. I gagged. "No such luck. It's still stinky."

"It's your shoes," Critter answered.

"What?!" I squeaked, completely shocked.

She nodded, unphased. "Well, it's just as slippery in this aisle as it was on the other side. So it must be that you have sticky shoes."

"STINKY! Not sticky! I was talking about the perfume!"

Critter laughed. "Oh...."