Friday, August 04, 2006

Raging Waterfountain

Critter came home from camp yesterday noon. CrafterKat and I had kept our fingers crossed; Critter did not want to leave home a week ago, even if it was a horse camp.

She emerged from the bus in a black hooded sweatshirt and searched for her bags. I gave her a sideways hug that she tolerates when in public. "Missed you," I told her softly to lessen the embarrasment factor.

"Wait... Wait." She ran over and hugged two or three girls and promised she send them e-mails. We packed the car trunk with her things and headed out to get some lunch.

"Did you learn any new camp songs?" I asked, turning around in the PCC parking lot. Critter proceeded to sing me a song about a frogs that are supposed to say la la la but don't, and then a catchy little number about shoveling ma-nuuuuuu-ure, complete with hand movements before we got out of the parking lot. A song about a horse named Random and a crab named Frampton who could climb trees brought us into Portland and in search of a luncheon spot.

"...and me and Kat--I mean 'Kat and I'--Kat is always correcting me and I told her 'you sound just like my Mom!'--and her name is just like CrafterKat's and spelled like hers, too, but we all called her Kat even though I called her 'Kat John' sometimes just to be different. She names all her stuff so like her computer is named Phoebe and she has a hamster and we got Indian names and hers is Serene Octopus and mine is Raging Waterfountain and can I go back to camp next year?"

Critter had a good time at camp.