Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bag! Bag! No Bag!

We've had things in storage for about four months during our kitchen remodel, crammed in every spot we could think of that was not the living room, kitchen, or dining room. And in order for our temporary kitchen to exist in our living room, items from those places were displaced, too. The attic has boxes of dishes, silverware, vases and mixing bowls. Critter's room provided space for large furniture items. Our bedroom has had a stream of candles, computer paraphenalia, and stereo equipment.

So now, with the remodel completed, it is time to put things back in their original homes. If we can find them.

Now, many would claim that the fundamental things to put back into a kitchen/dining area which has had a new floor, new cabinets and stunning paint job applied would be silverware, an oven, even a refrigerator. But it means nothing if you can't find this:

For without this important plastic baggie filled with nickel-plated goodness, life might never be the same. Consider how bereft our home would be if we were unable to...

...contemplate the importance of sitting perpendicular to the bathroom so that our odds of winning were boosted,

...sigh heavily as The Little Man turned off the ceiling fan with one mighty leap,

...giggle with LaLa until tears came to our eyes after another Dad-ism passed Mr. GoGoGo's lips,

...stand up a bottle of Critter's mustard,

...groan as Mr. GoGoGo passed the skunk line,

...artistically arrange chocolate chip cookies for a scrapbooking party

Yea, verily, the world could come to an end. But fortunately, we knew, months ago that this baggie was important. And so we adjered strapping tape to it--the good kind with those little fibers in it--and secured said bag to the item which makes our house a home.

I don't think I need to tell you that the strapping tape didn't stick.

And so, for a painstaking hour, we retraced our steps, searching through every possible place the Baggie (which had now reached epic proportions and needed to be capitalized) might have been stored. It was a bit of a Seusical episode.

Where is the Baggie, of Ziplock fame?
Would it come if called by name?
Behind green chair covered in clothes?
Shouldn’t Critter have hung up those?

Perhaps by stereo, hidden by speakers?
Checking there unearthed kid sneakers.
Blue chair exposed books and lipstick,
And one monkey Tinkerbell outfit.

Desk drawers next exposed nothing more:
Just stamps, papers, and CDs galore.
Back to the kitchen and an orange bin
Held cupboard parts and one blue pen.

To the garage, searched mightly we did
Found suitcases, cardboard and paint can lids.
Craft room, too, was bare of said Baggie
Should we call on the Police Academy?

At last we retraced our steps to where the important item was stored and found it wedged on the floor almost hidden underneath Critter's Hope Chest. And with the Baggie found we were able to use the pieces inside.

Which yielded our dining room table. And now we can call our house a home again.

The roses were brought to us by our contractor on our last day of work. "Three roses for three roses," he told us. We are going to miss him.

Side note: Not long after the dining room picture was snapped, The Little Man turned off the ceiling fan in one mighty leap from the table top, wrapping the cord around the fan blades. Sigh.