Thursday, April 10, 2008

American Idle

Last night as Critter watched snippets of American Idol, I sat at the computer to play some online sudoku. As I opened Yahoo, I read an entertainment news headline that I thought might earn me some Cool Mom points--either the Wow-Mom-Knows-My-Music or the I-Understand-Your-Pain variety. It seems that Critter's Pete Wentz of The Fall Out Boys is now engaged to Ashlee Simpson, Jessica's younger sister.

"Oh, honey," I sighed, "it looks like your Pete Wentz is engaged."


What?! The rock guitarist you sighed over in the doctor's office? The good looking member of the group? I kept my voice calm. "You know, the guy you like from the Fall Out Boys?"

She nodded but continued to watch Billy Crystal and Lindsey Lohan Miley Cyrus. "Oh, yeah. I'm not much into him anymore..."

No Cool Mom points for me, it seems. "Oh? Is he sooo 2007?"

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, sooo 2007."

Well, maybe one Cool Mom point.