Friday, March 07, 2008

May the Road Rise to Meet You

I embarked on a deeply spiritual and profound journey yesterday evening. At the request of my dear friend, ScrapMaven, I became an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church Monastery so I could officiate at her wedding in August. All online. All free. All in less than 30 minutes.

And yes, it is all legal. I just got off the phone with our local county recording office. As long as I say I am an officiant and there is a religious organization granting me that authority, the County is perfectly happy with the arrangement. I just have to fill in my portion of the license after the ceremony and get it to the County within 10 days of the wedding.

Oh yeah, and actually lead the ceremony. Doh!

The theater-ham in me is relishing this. The logical, rational part of me is (understandably) still baffled and suitably awed by the seriousness of this endeavor. I don’t want to mess this up!

The ceremony itself is up to me and the couple to work out. Do they want to do their own vows? Do they want some ritual to include the kids? Do they want little funny anecdotes sprinkled throughout?

JewelGeek was no help. “Do you take her? Yeah? Do you take him? Yeah? Ok, we’re done. You’re married.”

Um… probably not…

Critter thinks it is cool and weird. She knows me to be spiritual – but never to be on the same page as any organized religion. (Not that anyone in the world would consider an internet religious organization an “organized religion” in the tradition sense.)

Wow. I’m a Reverend. Wow. This definitely defies reason. It MUST be faith.