Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two Hours With Stanley

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Dear TLC,

Today feels like a Monday to me. I slowly made my way out of bed, only half-listening to the radio show on my alarm clock. There was a slight, almost feather-like, knocking at the door, low but insistent. Funny, I thought, the cats don't normally knock. I swung the door open and there stood Stanley.

"It was really cold last night," he said.

"Yep." I yawned.

"Do you think it snowed?"

I focused on his words. And then on the radio DJ's words. "...Beaverton, two hours late... Canby, two hours late... Estacada, two hours late..." Finally, the DJ mentioned our hometown and I grinned at Stanley. "You bet it did, Stanley! Let's go look!"

We bundled up and stepped carefully outside. The DJ had reported that only some snow had fallen in the night but it had stuck and frozen. We had black ice on the roads. "I could go skating," said Stanley!

I pointed out that it might be a bit too icy for that. "I could scrape the ice off the roads. This would work!"

"I think our little Princess neighbor would miss that if you borrowed it, Stanley. How about you just BBQ up some breakfast for us?"

Stanley wasn't sure how to BBQ eggs so we settled for cereal and waited for the ice to clear up.

I hope you've had at least one good snow day, TLC!