Friday, November 16, 2007

Monsters Must Lead Such Interesting Lives

I was just telling my girlfriend the other day, "Monsters must lead such interesting lives!"
~Bugs Bunny

And the same is true for our Pretty Boy. A sudden rain shower combined with a Flower Child, free-lovin' 60's stance on grooming, Pretty Boy had developed some matted fur which we could not get out.

I called the grooming salon inside the local Pet Smart and was told that they could do it provided he wasn't too nasty (temperment? mats? I wasn't sure...), was current on his rabies shot, and we could allocate three hours for the unpleasant task.

He had his nails trimmed, the mats combed out (we were afraid they'd need to be shaved off), and even got a shampoo!

He even survived the hair drying process (mostly). We've got our happy boy back now and the groomer sustained only a minor scratch. Sounds like they'd be happy to see him again, especially since his groomer suggested, "He'd look real cute with a lion's cut..."