Monday, July 23, 2007

1 CC of Lancombe

Random Family Conversation #422

Critter: I need to find my eyeliner before we go to Ashland. If I don't, I'll just die!

JewelGeek: You'll just die? Do you think hospital emergency rooms see a lot of that?

Critter (laughing): What?

JewelGeek (lowering voice): Nurse, we've got a bad one here. She needs eyeliner! Quick apply Lancombe Smokey Blue!

Critter (laughing): But doctor, we're out of Smokey Blue!

JewelGeek (lowered voice): Then we'll have to improvise! Get some Charcoal Gray!

Critter: Well, that's what I wear!

JewelGeek (admitting her lack of fashion sense): I didn't even know that was a color!