Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Party Pics

Pictures from the Holiday Craft Party. Wish we'd taken more.

Provincial chestnuts... roasted in the oven. Pierce with a fork; preheat oven to 450 degrees; bake for 15-20 minutes. The chestnuts will be HOT, and the steaming soft nutmeat inside may split the hard shell and send bits of chestnut all over the kitchen. (Kinda nifty!) Peel the hard shell off. The lighter brown coating inside is edible, 'though not very tasty. The soft nutmeat is very smooth and buttery -- like Yukon Gold potatoes.

DIG, CraftKat, Bugs, and Daisy

DIG and her amazing, two-sided gift tags. "I just glued two pieces of paper together!"

Golden Poet with embossing supplies. Critter's teacher gift boxes. CraftKat's new mug!!

DIG, LadyLynn, and ScrapMaven - discussing the b&w scrap-pack of CraftKat's. Is it origami paper??? No - just expensive squares of print paper...

SassyGirl selecting "choice cookies." Also note our display of lovely parting gifts, and the ever inspiring kitchen.

Thanks for coming, everyone. And weren't the chocolate chip cookies TO DIE FOR???!!!


Jewel Geek said...

The chestnuts were sooooo good. CrafterKat baked them just before our party girls arrived. They sat and sizzled on the stove top while we tidied up from baking. Suddenly one burst open like a firecracker, showering our floor and CrafterKat with buttery bits.

We laughed, saying it was like that scene in Holiday Inn when Bing Crosby brings peach preserves and they suddenly explode.

Ted Hanover: Oh boy, do I go for those! Why they're great on... on... [pause] ... or even plain!