Monday, April 03, 2006

In Order To Relate The Story

Things are finally returning to a bit of normalcy in our home. March consisted of Critter getting ill, CrafterKat getting ill, me staying home with a temp for three days, and Critter getting ill a second time with a fever and a sinus infection. By Spring Break we were over the worst of it and able to finally enjoy some of the things that had been accomplished between high-pitched fevers.

CrafterKat and Mr. GoGoGo spent one weekend removing the old toilet and vanity from the downstairs bathroom. We chose a lovely yellow paint with a chiffon butternut type of name that looked completely different than the butternut chiffon. More eggplanty than meringue but less creamy than lemon. All I know is that I was hungry after finally choosing.

The following weekend, Mr. GoGoGo returned and laid new vinyl flooring in the bathroom and downstairs hallway. The new vanity and sink went in, followed by a new toilet, showerhead, and medicine cabinet/mirror. It looks fantastic! We have just one piece to put in—storage over the toilet to hold hand towels and other small items.

With Critter feeling better and school let out for a week, one of her best friends came to spend the night. The girls sang karaoke during the day and CrafterKat and I tried to tidy up loose ends around the house. We had purchased a new CD Recorder for our stereo unit (our anniversary gift to ourselves) and new stereo speakers since our old ones were from the days of the Partridge Family. We sat amidst stereo components and relabeled all the cables and tested the speakers.

When things finally worked as they were supposed to (meaning no kitties had unplugged anything during a break), CrafterKat began testing the new CD recorder with cassette tapes of a story she has enjoyed since childhood, Treasure Island.

Click. Whir. Click-click. In order to relate the story of Treasure Island…

“I’m not getting any levels on the CD player,” CrafterKat sighed. Click. Rewind. Random buttons were pushed. The girls entered and departed again, giggling. I left the stereo in her capable hands and called my Mother, the Social Butterfly, to check in. “Hello, it’s your mother,” I said into the receiver. She laughed. “Sorry, I’ve been in Mom mode this evening.” I looked up at the clock and realized it was time for Critter’s antibiotic. “Just a minute.” I dashed into the bathroom and retrieved the pill bottle, informing Critter that it was time for her medicine. My mother on the other end of the phone chuckled. “Okay, I’m done now.” We discussed her weekend and when she was going to come up to our house again.

Click. Whir. Click-click. In order to relate the story of Treasure Island, I must begin in the year seventeen…

“Presenting, the blue fairy!” Critter’s friend announced. Critter emerged in a blue Shakespearean era gown from her play clothes collection, complete with fairy wings she had made at Craft camp last summer. Her friend wore pantaloons and a checkered jester shirt. They giggled and returned to the bedroom.

…the time when my father kept the Admiral Benbow Inn. Click. “The CD isn’t moving. I’m not getting any sound recorded.” CrafterKat went downstairs looking for something.

I returned to my phone conversation with my mother. “So you want to come up on Wednesday, then?” CrafterKat’s cell phone rang. I ran to her purse and answered, trying to make sense of two conversations. “Hello Grandpa. I’ll see if CrafterKat is available,” and began walking towards the stairs.

Critter emerged in another ensemble and the expectant is-it-a-boy? look on her face. “No, it’s Grandpa,” I told her and my two phone callers.

Mr. GoGoGo informed me that he needed to speak to Critter about fishing poles. I handed the cell phone off and returned to my mother. CrafterKat emerged a few minutes later and tried again.

Click. Whir. Click-click. …and the brown old seaman, with the saber cut, first took up lodging under our roof…

The fairies returned to the modeling runway, one wearing a Roman tunic and green velvet half-cape, the other in a cream gown from the fifties. We applauded their fashion sense and CrafterKat informed Critter that the dress was actually LaLa’s wedding gown, from fifty years ago. Critter’s eyes grew large at this pronouncement and she ducked back to her room to get another outfit.

…Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest. Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

Leaning against the hole in the living room where the new fireplace will sit, I brought CrafterKat up-to-date on my mother’s agenda, “…and so my Mom’s picking up the fishing pole for Critter’s speech…”

A hooded figure emerged from the dark hallway and proceeded to my abandoned chair by the computer. “I want to suck out your soooouuuuulllll,” Critter intoned to my empty seat.

“Aaaaaccckkk!” I gurgled and fell to my knees. “Nooooooo” and proceeded to fall face forward on the carpet, my feet sticking up in the air.

…keep a weather-eye open for a seafaring man with one leg…

Critter laughed and picked up her cloak to run back down the hallway. The fashion faeries eventually went to bed and CrafterKat’s fiddling finally produced recorded results.

As I said, things are finally returning to normal.