Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la, la, la!

It's official. I am completely insane. Last weekend, I spent an entire day playing a computer game (about 8 hours' worth; I could hardly walk when I stopped for the night). And while I was happily smooshing CGI monsters, I was also listening to Christmas music. You read correctly - Christmas music.

Every year at about this time, I haul out the Christmas CDs and begin playing them (albeit quietly) in the livingroom while I craft my annual holiday ornament-gifts for my coworkers. Well, one year I started in March and it took all summer to finish up, but that's another entry. Last year, my ornaments completely fell apart before I could even get them out of the house. So this year, I resolved to do something simple, that required no new supplies, and I'd start early enough so if they self-destructed, I'd have time to come up with Plan B.

That meant starting last weekend. Which actually meant Sunday, since I was playing computer games all day Saturday... and I mentioned that already, didn't I??

Critter helped me -- we split out the supplies, and I showed her how to make the ornament, and we went at it. Pretty quickly, we realized an assembly-line style would be more efficient. So I cut squares, she trimmed the squares, then she folded, and I taped.

And Monday, we came back to see that our tape hadn't held, and I'd need to glue the ornaments in place. Oh, and hold them with rubberbands, since they wanted to spring apart. So all week after work, I re-folded and glued all the ornaments.

Then about Wednesday, Critter and I began decorating the ornaments. More glue, lots of ribbon, and some precariously perched ornaments sitting in cans until they dried. Oh, and on Thursday, I found a few more that had come unglued from the earlier attempts to keep them together...

Yesterday (we're on to Saturday now, if you're keeping track at home), we hit the home stretch. All of the trim was on, just needed to finish up a detail that would allow the ornament to be hung. [Sidebar: For my birthday this year, JewelGeek got me a Crop-a-Dile which is this nifty punch that punches holes and sets eyelets that are 1/8 or 3/4 big. I found all kinds of uses for that on this project!] Happily punching and gluing and taping away... I FINISHED all of the ornaments at around 8am this morning. [Did I mention I'm an early riser??]

And then I launched into full swing making the invitations for our annual holiday craft party and cookie bash. We had originally thought we'd host it over Veterans' Weekend, but decided against it. Last year, we held it the weekend before Thanksgiving and had the best turn-out ever. So we're doing that again. Of course, this year we have all of our livingroom furniture in place, so we're not sure where everyone will sit to work on their projects! It will be interesting...

Oh, and the Christmas music is still playing, softly, in the background. I just finished addressing the last invitation, so I really could stop for the night and turn the music off. But I need the inspiration to work on my Christmas cards...